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by Cherokee Senior Softball Association, 2017-08-16T04:17:24-07:00August 16 2017, at 04:17 AM PDT

All rule motions made by the Board have been passed and incorporated into the
Constitution, By Laws and Rules of Play. Details may be found
in the About Us tab.

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2017 Aug BOD Meeting

2017-08-15 12:38 PDT by Cherokee Senior Softball Association

August 8, 2017
Present: Dewey Hom, Bob Hammond, Bob Werne... [more]

Skip Wells Park Inaugural Practice, Aug 17th, this Thursday

2017-08-14 02:08 PDT by Cherokee Senior Softball Association

1. We are using this opportunity to expand CSSA into another metro Atlanta Park.
2. Priority will be given to players that a... [more]

Aug 2017 Board Meeting

2017-08-11 10:33 PDT by Cherokee Senior Softball Association

August 1, 2017
Present: Dewey Hom, Warren Butler, Bob Ham... [more]


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No recent activity Our Team is short players, what can we do to add someone for the game?
20. Player Pool: Should the standing BOD determine that a player pool be required, the following will be applicable. (The Pool has been established as players in your league) a. Eight (8) team roster players for that team must be available to start the game and eight (8) team roster players are needed to continue the game. b. If both teams have the same number of roster players, pool players will not be allowed. c. Pool players must bat at the end of the line up in all leagues.  d. Any team that picks up players from the player pool may pick up the number of pool players so as to come up to a total of the number of the opposing teams roster players present but to not exceed the number of defensive players allowed for game play by the appropriate league. e. If a team picks up a particular pool player, that team may not use that same player in any subsequent game within that season. If it is discovered by the BOD that a team has used the same pool player a second time during the season, the game shall be forfeited.  f. If a team roster player shows up for a team using a pool player, the team roster player will immediately replace the pool player. g. Except for the lower skill level leagues, teams may only draw pool players from the Roster Players of lower level teams with no restrictions as to position. h. The lower skill level leagues, the Masters League on Tuesday, the Legends League on Monday, and the Legacy League on Wednesday may draw pool players from the Roster Players of teams within the Masters League on Tuesday, the Legends League on Monday, and the Legacy League on Wednesday. These same league pool players may only be positioned defensively at catcher, first base, or right field in order to have minimal impact on the game.  The Lowell Lawson League may draw players from the Monday legends league and the Wednesday Legacy league. i. If legal pool players are not available or utilized, a team will play short on defense. The managers may to agree to catch for each other, in lieu of using a pool player as catcher. j. If a situation arises whereby a pool player must leave the game to participate in his own regularly scheduled game, the player must leave and he will be skipped as a batter and no out shall be recorded, the team will play short for the remainder of the game. If a pool player must leave a game in an emergency or if the pool player receives an injury serious enough to not allow him to continue play, the pool player may be replaced by another eligible pool player. The opposing team Manager and umpire shall be advised of the situation. If a question arises, a member of the Board present shall be consulted for determination. 
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No recent activity Frequently Asked Questions
Discussion forums are a great place to answer frequently asked questions, as well as encourage dialog amongst members. If you have any TeamPages specific feedback, please join in the discussion at our moderated community help forum here:
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Message Board

2017-06-12T09:46:11-07:00June 12 2017, at 09:46 AM PDT, Lee Molway said:

Y 'All, before taking a summer break, please consider a position on our board.

2017 CSSA Board member elections coming this fall
The CSSA board is made up of volunteers and are elected annually.
Our next meeting starts at 6:30 pm on July 10th and will be at R & M Sandwich Shop 117 W Main St, Canton, GA 30114. Please come and find out what these members do.
Most importantly the Commissioner, Vice Commissioner, and Treasurer, that together form our Executive Committee have indicated that they are planning to step down. In preparation for this the CSSA will need members to step up and run for the board.

Without out these vital board members there will be no CSSA after 23 years of extraordinary growth.
Recreation adult slow pitch softball is on the decline in this area.  Yet, CSSA has continued to grow.
Additional board members are needed to distribute the work load or there will be a major decline in services.

Governing Body: The business of the Association shall be conducted by the Board of Directors (BOD), comprised of the following Officers: Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, Treasurer, Secretary, and Player Representative. In addition, each League shall have one League Director on the Board. Each Officer and League Director shall be elected for a term of one (1) year and shall have one (1) vote on all business matters brought before the BOD.